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Canada Greener Homes Grant


Canada Greener Homes Grant

Are you eligible for grants to replace your doors and windows? It’s worth checking because you could save a lot! For example, you can refund up to $600 on your EnerGuide pre- and post-retrofit evaluation and up to $5,000 for your ENERGY STAR–certified doors and windows.


To register, go to the program website ((lien vers https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy-efficiency/homes/canada-greener-homes-grant/23441?_ga=2.192671402.1405281615.1640284191-330156171.1638902712) and select the button “Register for the Canada Greener Homes Grant” at the bottom.


Follow the next steps:

  1. Register at the above program link.
  2. Log in with your online Canadian banking information or GCKey.
  3. Follow the suggested steps.
  4. Wait for the “pre-retrofit” evaluation to be done.
  5. Proceed with the installation of your ENERGY STAR doors and windows.
  6. Keep the ENERGY STAR labels on your products.
  7. Return to the program site to schedule an evaluation after installation.

*For all homes in Quebec, you must apply for the Renoclimat program.

Released on Monday-03-January-2022 at 14:01