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PVC Windows

An elegant, high performance window system, built with high-end material and accessories, designed to enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of any home for years to come. Using the highest quality PVC resins and state-of-the-art extrusion technology, the 4000 and 2000 series are made with distinctive gloss finish profiles specially designed to resist damage from dust and harmful UV rays.

In order to meet the needs of a wide variety of situations, the 4000 and 2000 series offer different choices in regard to frame thickness and finishing options. Before choosing the right frame depth one must consider the importance of the positioning of the window with-in the wall cavity. Proper placement will have a positive effect on the surface temperature of the glass thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of condensation.

The 4000 and 2000 series window features are designed to match perfectly and with the numerous options available, you will surely find what you’re looking for.

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Hybrid Windows

The warmth of PVC with the strength and colour versatility of the aluminum cladding.  Hybrid Series" is a revolutionary technology that allows the merging of aluminum and PVC in the same product. Aluminum cladding extrusions are made of alloy and temper 6063-T5, in accordance with NAFS-08 standard and are coated with PPG’s superor AcrynarR paint system. A harmonious integration of materials and colours delivering aesthetic appeal, durability, and high-energy efficiency; the pinnacle of elegance and performance.

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Steel Doors

Our great choice of high quality white steel doors is offered with a multitude of accessories and options for exterior and interior finishing. A wide variety of stained glass configuration makes them one of the most popular on the market. "Roberge" steel doors enhance the beauty and style of your home. Join those who have trusted our products and buy on the most durable, efficient and safe products available on the market. Because you love your home, you enter through a "Roberge" door.

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Patio Door

Since 1993, Novatech Patio Doors Inc., a specialist in the field, has endeavoured to offer the biggest product line and the best performance.

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Porte patios

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